How to Find Free Images for Websites Quickly

Finding the right images for websites can be a long and boring process! Consider our 3 great tips and learn how to find the right photos quickly!

We all have been there – spending hours and hours looking for the perfect photo for your website. Even though there are hundreds of stock photography websites where you can find high-quality and high-resolution photos, finding the right or the best one, always takes time. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

We’d like to help you by giving you some excellent tips that can make the process easier and faster. Using these tips you will be able to find the exact photo you are looking for and focus on your website and your next projects, here you will find images of all categories for your website and free:

Use negative search terms or keywords

One of the best things about using a stock library is that you have millions and millions of different photos to choose from. Before you start looking for one specific photo, it is really important to know exactly what are you looking for or eventually have a rough idea of what are you looking for. For example, if your website is all about beauty products and makeup you probably are looking for a girl using a makeup. Even though there are literally millions of photos to choose from, sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to narrow down your search. In order to get a more honed result, we recommend you to try adding negative search terms, for example, when entering a keyword, tell the website what you don’t want, instead of what do you want. For instance, if you are searching for photos of pets with their owners, don’t type in “pets and owners” instead, type “pets and owners NOT dogs”. Besides using negative search terms and keywords, you can also exclude results you don’t need or you don’t want. Use the menu and tell the search engine to exclude photos featuring dogs, people, and etc.

Use conceptual search terms

Searching for things you want your photo to include or searching for the literal things such as “business meeting”, for example, will get you on the way to finding the right photo, however, this process takes time. We would like to recommend you something and get you there faster. By adding conceptual terms, you will be able to narrow down the search to photos that include a certain emotion, feeling or a concept. So, if you are looking for business meeting photos, you may ask yourself exactly what values you want the photo to include so that people can relate to your brand. You need to add specific keywords that relate to those qualities such as success, collaboration, teamwork, ambition, achievement, stress, hardworking, trust, and etc. By adding these keywords, you will be able to find free images for websites that convey the emotions and qualities you are looking for in a matter of minutes.

Search with photos and not words

Sometimes, it is much simpler to say “I want a similar photo to this one” than to put that into words and explain the photo you like. There are some stock photography websites that you can search by photo and by words. All you have to do is find the camera icon and upload a photo. The search engine will deliver fast results that match the photo you have uploaded. Please keep in mind that the PNG or JPG photo must not be larger than 4000px in height and in width and must be smaller than 5MB.

We hope you will make use of these tips and speed up the process of finding high-quality free images for websites.