Humans are visual beings.  Photos, pictures, and other visuals instill a feeling in them. Posting a right image on a social platform or website always draws their attention. With this in mind, you can ascertain that photography has a central impact on your site. 

The kind of images you upload on your site can boost or hurt your traffic. Poor photos will lead to regrets. Notably, you only have few seconds to create the first impression. Your images are central to achieving this goal. As such, you need to be mindful when selecting photography for building your website. Here is are three secrets to do it successfully:

Avoid low-quality images

Customers and visitors attach your brand perception to the quality of content you upload. If it is poor, they will have a notion that what you are offering is substandard. The opposite is also exact. High-quality content will reflect genuine and reliability. Given that humans use visuals to make decisions, uploading high-quality images can be the only thing you need to soar up your sales. For this reason, always avoid low-quality images on your website. This way, you will enhance your brand reliability and profitability.

You are dealing with humans so use real people

How would you feel if you were to land to a website and a pop-up message appears trying to guide you through only to discover it has an image of a dog? Did you continue with the chat? Indeed, you didn’t. As you know, humans connect with fellow humans. In this essence, using real human images is essential if you want to boost your online following. Even where you have automated your responses or using chatbots, having a human image enhances engagement. It is hard to realize one is chatting with a bot where the chatbot has a human image. Hence, if you are seeking to boost your website success, real humans should be part of your site photography.

Ensure you images match with your content message and mission

Imagine you are on a website talking about healthy living yet it has animal images. At your first instance, you will think that it is dealing with animal health. However, going through written content, you realize it is focusing on human health. Your website success relies on your ability to match your images and the content. Hence, as you select photography for your site, ensure it has a connection with your written content.